Stranger Flatmate
Hola! I think this is my second daily prompt post but as I still haven’t got the hang of this whole linking pingback thing, Lord knows if I managed to link it. Anyway, I’m to talk about the first person I met today and I honestly had to think about that one because today wasn’t very eventful. When I think about it, I’m surprised I managed to meet up to five people. I didn’t even properly start my day till 2.
So, the first person I met today was my flatmate, Shaleeni. That’s not how it’s spelt but it’s pronounced like that. I can’t remember how it’s spelt. Unless I’m actually right.
It was a pretty fleeting meeting. We said a quiet ‘hi with a smile’ as I was leaving my room and she was entering her’s. Though I think I stretched the experience a bit in my head because I was feeling quite glamorous and expensive this morning after dressing up, and wondered if she could notice (my thoughts around people range from very superficial to very insightful). So I was feeling all chic and refreshed after waking up at noon, and she looked as though she was regretting every minute she was spending out of bed.
We don’t really know each other, me and Shaleeni. We’re hi and bye acquaintances, bound together by a shared kitchen and vacuum cleaner. She’s pretty, and a nice person. And when I was still new and fishing for friends, I thought we could have been good friends in time. But as nice as people can be, when you don’t need new friends, you don’t try hard with new people.
I think I was quite unlucky in that respect. I started Uni late and by that time, most people had already made a socially acceptable number of friends and formed mini cliques and gangs. I thought did was pretty remarkable, considering these were first-years and they couldn’t possibly like ALL the first equally desperate friends they’d made in their first week.
I’ve gone off topic but as I mentioned, I don’t really know much about Shaleeni.
Much love!