An account of all my imaginary ink


This is my first post linked to a daily prompt. I’m supposed to talk about the meaning of my tattoos, and if I have none, what tattoos I want to get. Funny how I fit into neither of these categories. I don’t have any tattoos and I’m not supposed to say out loud that I want any. I’m a catholic (a very christiany denomination of Christianity) and it’s stipulated very clearly (so clearly you can’t loophole it) that you get any ink. Urrrgghhhh.
The thing is, even if I got any tattoos, I’ve always thought they’d be one with direct links to God. I wouldn’t tattoo my boyfriend’s face to my arm or a ‘get high !’ phrase to my back. I’d get tattoos of gorgeous quotes in places that still look okay when I’m 40. But I may not give in to my human urges (seriously, no loopholes. I’ve checked), I just have to be content with imagining all the awesome in kid get if I could (sob).
1. Let go, let, God- (on the insides of my wrists) of all the ones I wanna get, I guess the would mean the most to me. Because I’m the sorta person that needs the constant reminder.

2. A cross- (on the outside of my hand) like Demi lovato’s but totally NOT inspired by her. The cross is obviously symbolic and it’d look reaalllly cool.

3. Gott Sei Dank- (on the top corner of my back) it’s ‘God be thanked’ in German and the way I stumbled across it makes it seem totally meant to, for some reason, things always sound better in foreign languages.

4. Mea Culpa, Mea maxima Culpa- (on my forearm) it’s Latin for ‘my fault, my most grievous fault’. It’s a very dark sort of quote, almost abusive. It’s taken from the order of mass. It’s the sort of thing that prevents me from thinking too highly of myself.

And that’s it for now. Pretty sure the list will only get longer and I don’t know, maybe one day I’ll crack and just get a damn tattoo. Who knows, who knows.

Much love!


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