She’s smiling. Is she happy?

I dream of this girl, the girl of all girls, who hides her pain continuously. Girls are the kings of hiding emotions, honestly. It’s a defense mechanism and if she’s showing you how she’s feeling, well for me it’s like stripping down in front of a congregation. How do you even know that she’s hiding pain? That she’s feeling pain at all? Everyone has pain but there are some when left unattended, can eat away at someone till….
I mean how can you tell? Not everyone has a sob story. Behind every hiccup and start isn’t some deep-rooted problem that caused us to act in the way that we did. Everyone thinks we need to read meaning into everything that is slightly off normal. Sometimes, there really is something there, but sometimes, it’s just humans being too sentimental.
I don’t really know how to read people. If you read novels, you’d think it’s very easy to. People in the story world have the ability to see pain, joy, confusion, love, secrecy, etcetera, etcetera all through the eyes. Apparently eyes darkening is characteristic to some sort of strong emotion, even if the subject has dark brown eyes to begin with. Despite my best gawking and squinting efforts, I can’t read what someone’s thinking through their eyes. I’m just hoping my inability to read my partner’s secret eye messages won’t be detrimental to my relationship.
Anyway, I’m going tres off topic. I’m just saying that you never know, not really, if there really is anything wrong? With someone?
So this girl I’m dreaming of, she could be smiling. Smiling is characteristic to happiness, but isn’t necessarily as a result of. She could be smiling out of pain or out of pleasure. Is she happy?