Spirited. Beauty. Dept

Yes! That’s it!

MinDless AspiRations

I was reading an essay about Hermann Hesse’s: Journey to the east. The essay was written by Robert k. Greenleaf. I was captivated. He described Leo as a person of extraordinary presence. Isn’t that just stunning? When last did we actually see a truly beautiful person. Not the outward. I mean beauty that beams so much from the inward. Someone so beautiful that they affect you just with their smile. Or maybe someone just so deep.
I hate my writing skills, I mean look Back at the Victorian and Shakespearean time. Look at their dept, their ability to capture and express so much with so little words. I wish I could be so good. Touch so many people with so little words. Be remembered in my generation as some great blogger or writer. Deep down I know I can never truly accomplish so much. They were legends. We seem…

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