Remember Me

I really loved the 2010 movie Remember me. I didn’t cry at the end but I think I would have if I had been watching it on my own and not with 10 other very heartless girls. I actually really liked Robert Pattinson there. But all that aside, R.I.P, the victims of 9/11.
Anyway it was a really great story line and I do love these sort of movies/stories that make your chest ache a little at the end and you just want to climb through the screen and stay with the characters. And I love when movies inspire me to think and write and all that. Though I have to admit, it’s mostly sad things. So there are two quotes that stick out for me whenever I remember this movie. The first was when Tyler was narrating and he told us what he would say if he knew his dead brother could hear him.

“I said I do know. I love you.  God, I miss you. And I forgive you.”

There’s something just immensely heart-breaking about that statement. Yet, it totally sums up everything that I think I would ever say if any of my siblings, or rather anyone I love, commited suicide. After all the hate and anger and betrayal and confusion has boiled over, and there’s nothing left but loss, it just says everything you needed to say while he was alive, and everything you’d say now that he’s gone. I love you more than you could possibly know, I wish so much that you were still here and that I could do something about that, and I forgive you for leaving, because you’re gone anyway.
The second quote was also as Tyler was standing in one of the twin towers.

“Whatever you do in life, will be insignificant. But it’s very important that you do it. Because noone else will.”

There’s so much truth in that, it entered my favourite quotes book (I don’t really have a book of fav quotes, but there’s one in my head). The truth is that most of us will pass through life making an impact on a very minute amount of lives. On the global scale anyway. But the beauty about that is that it’s okay. It’s perfectly fine that very few people will have the chance to be Mahatma Gandhi or Marilyn Monroe or whoever you think is worldwide. Because that isn’t the true purpose of life. I can’t say what the true purpose is but I can’t believe that’s it. Not ending up as some sort of a celebrity isn’t a reason to not be happy with your life just the same. Because it’s very important that you are. Not one of the seven billion people on earth can live a life the way you do. And not a single one of them will try. Because it’s not their job, it’s yours. People have very different conceptions on what is important to accomplish in life. Some need to impact the world, others want to impact their loved ones, and some need only impact themselves. In the movie, Tyler’s whole life had been set to take off when he died. Things had finally been looking up. You could say that he hadn’t been able to accomplish much of anything important in time. But he really did. He was the best brother to his little sister. And a rock to his girlfriend. He paved the way for both girls to be able to stand on their own. And grow. And be able to LIVE. I guess how important you think that is depends on the way you see life. Even if you are a milkman who lives and dies in the suburbs, it’s very important that you live a life to be proud of, because you don’t know if your smile saved someone’s life, or your signature on a petition inspired a new invention. Your best accomplishment might have been that you were a good parent, or a passionate and compassionate worker. And at the end, whether you are happy with what you accomplished, no matter how small, is up to you and God. You’re not presenting what you hoped you could have done, your wasted dreams, and why you couldn’t do them. You’re presenting what you did do. In YOUR life.
Inspired by REMEMBER ME-the movie.
Much love all around!


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