The bowling date

This is just one of those little stories that pop into my head.

They were by no standards the perfect couple. In fact, after three years of constant problems, people often wondered why they were still together. They fought and  broke up constantly and had each cheated on the other once before. Things with them always went from good to tentative to tense to ferocious.  But they always wound up circling back to good again. And that was what had people a little confused. Because most couples didn’t survive the kind of fights they had.
But you see, they had this thing that they’d do whenever things reached boiling point. They’d go on a bowling date. Just the two of them. There was something about it I guess. Whoever was less angry would drag the other to the bowling alley and they’d bowl till they were happy with each other again. Everytime they went, neither was sure it would actually work, but it always did. Because you see, whenever they went there, they both agreed to push everything bothering them aside for one night and just have fun with each other. Because it was so easy to forget how much fun they actually had together.
So they’d buy a load of food and take turns knocking down those pins. They’d laugh at each other mercilessly, whenever someone made a bad throw or even a mediocre throw. They’d trash-talk each other. And whenever someone got strikes or spares, they ‘d cheer and yell and jump into each other’s arms like it was the best thing that had ever happened to them. It was a sad sort of happiness though, like this knocking down of pins was the only good thing still going for them. It almost had a metaphoric meaning, like they were knocking down the pins of trouble in their relationship. It wasn’t like the bowling itself was really the key thing, it was just that they just wanted so deseperately to save their precious thing, so they tried what they hoped would work. And then at a point, when it was getting later and later and they were getting happier and happier, she’d jump on him and they’d kiss and kiss because they remembered what they had and knew that it was worth keeping. And they’d keep kissing till she started to cry a little and that was when they’d pull away because they had a pact not to cry or be any type of sad on bowling dates. After that they were sure they were okay again at least for that night. And they’d end their bowling date for that night.
I don’t know why this story popped into my head. I don’t even know if this couple actually lasts. This just happens to me. Hope you enjoyed it though!
Much love all around!


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