The people to find

I haven’t met a lot of people in my life. I’ve been very sheltered so I haven’t come across too many different personalities. I feel like I need to though, to be able to evolve myself. It is true that the people you surround yourself with have a lot to do with how you yourself act. I want to meet those passionate people, the ones who truly believe there are more important things than yourself, no, really believe it and yet are still able to make themselves happy. The artists, poets, photographers, activists, the philosophers, parents even, the anythings! Who actually believe in what they do, not the ulterior motive they have. I’m not interested in the politicians and celebrities and doctors and lawyers who have the most straight-forward of lives. I want the people with the messy, ruff and tumble lives and spontaneous personalities who have realized early enough, or just in time, that this is their one shot at this life on earth and they won’t spend it being ruled by how to make money till you die, how to be more important than everyone else, how to acheive what society thinks will make you happy. They try their best to be happy, pursue their passion with enough fire to cover the earth and then at the end are able to look back on it and beam with satisfaction. Because this one life they were given, they did a hell of a lot with it, they did what made them proud, their achievements out-weighed the regrets. They’re the ones who aren’t suprised when life is over, but glad that they won.
Much love all around!
Ff @esiro_i


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