Grimacing about Uni

How’s it?
So it’s like two weeks until I’m off to UNIVERSITY!!! Mega ultra shock-face! I honestly still don’t think it’s hit yet! I keep finding one reason or the other to say I might end up not going yet. That I can still end up in some dank local university where they don’t actually educate. But it’s getting closer and closer and everything with preparations has worked out so far so frankly, I think I’m going! I am excited! Scared but not really. I still go around in a daze I guess. I think I’m still living in what I think university is like though. I think the real university will be a bit different from what I’m imagining but that’s okay. It’s the wake-up call I need. After being in a boarding-system for so long, les parents are still scared I’m going to implode when I’m on my own. But I fancy myself a pretty sensible gal and that is not the part I’m worried about.
One of my best friends is already in university and she was telling me that it’s just her first proper week and she already has so much work. That didn’t worry me at first. Till I started to think about it. And my shock-face turned into a bit of a grimace. Most freshmen go to college with either the mindset of studying diligently to get good grades, or going to party and have fun.  I’m going with the former objective. But what if I’m actually just thinking it won’t be hard to handle but in reality I’m kind of in over my head? I mean, my brain has not been put through much studying and grueling work in 3 months! That’s a lot of time for the booky side of my brain to fall asleep. What’s going to happen when it’s rudely awakened by mean british professors who don’t give a fuck if you haven’t had your morning coffee before class?
Anyway, Much love allllll around.
Ff @esiro_i

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