Le Harry Potter

There were like 2 extra i’s there but i thought it might be too much. Anyway, thank you to those following me. Please your input and comments are welcome at any time.
Now, I’ve been thinking.
As of late, my e-reader crashed (sob), but I swore I would’nt point fingers (cough, technology-destroying brother). So I have’nt got anything new to read. Which is EXTREMELY hard. I have’nt got the time or money to buy a new one right now, or to buy much of anything right now actually, so I’m quite stuck. So I do what I always do in book-less situations. I re-read all the paper-back novels I do have. Honestly, urgh! I’ve done this too many times to still enjoy it. The only novel I know I have’nt read multiple times is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone. Tres weird, considering I’ve read all the others a million times. It’s not that I don’t like it, i just would rather read the latest ones. From what I remember though, the first Harry Potter was the first proper novel I read. I mean, I’ve been reading books since i was little but it was mostly baby Enid Blytons at that time. I was sooo in love with my baby enid blytons with their happy endings and fairy tales and moral lessons and goblins, fairies and elfs. I went through three a week. And I was satisfied with them.
So when my mum first presented me with this Harry Potter novel, I looked at it with serious suspicion. I was very unenthusiastic about the change. I think that maybe I had this notion that I’d read enid blytons for the rest of my life (speaking of which, who the hell is Enid Blyton?). I complained in my head about this new book. It was too long. The print was microscopic! There weren’t any pictures. The paper was yellowed. Honestly, this book is amazing but at that time, my head ached and ached trying to get through it. I can’t remember how I hadfelt about this book at the end but I must have really liked it because now I’ve got the complete set! (except half-blood prince which was stolen from me which is really sad ’cause that’s the one when Harry and Ginny get it going!).
And also, as I read this first novel, I remember why the Harry Potter series deserved all the money it raked in! This series is truly AMAZING! Unlike the twilight


series which was just blind hype by literary -impaired teenage girls who really wanted a vampire boyfriend.
This book is keeping me fed for now, as well as, of course, my blog.
Much love all around!
Ff @esiro_i


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