First Post *drumroll*

Soooo… first post ever. This could either be really monumental or just the beginning of a one month fad (I get those a lot).  In twenty years I could say this was the start of my writing career or that blogging was just something I dabbled in. Because I’ve never really understood blogging and I still kinda don’t.  But either way, I like to write and there aren’t many places I can do it so this is it.  I have a lot of things to say and not many places to say them at so this is a sort of release for me. I don’t really know what I’ll be blogging about but I’m going to.  About my experiences and the ones to come for me. A sort of coming of age story  and whatnot. As I’m new to the ‘real world’ as adults like to call it.  It’s sounds very personal but I’ll try not to be soppy and typical teenager-ish.

Anyway, here goes nothing.

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Muvh love all around!